Transformation Tales: One Cabinet’s Homecoming to Perfectly Complete the Space

Welcome to “Transformation Tales,” where I share life as a Furniture Transformation Artist and we delve into captivating customer stories and the enchanting world of interior design. Join me on a journey of passion and discovery, celebrating heart-warming moments to inspire you.
Georgia and Anthony’s transformation story is one that truly epitomises why I love my job. It’s a tale of home, serendipity, and the perfect working relationship.

A Beautiful Home

They own a beautiful home in Walthamstow with a large open plan living space consisting of a kitchen, dining room and space to relax with family and friends with large bi-fold doors that open onto a lovely garden.

The kitchen is painted in a navy blue, whilst the dining area features a lovely large oak table with upholstered bench in mustard and a drinks trolley, perfect for entertaining. Above the table is a huge multicoloured painting of flowers and large plants are spaced around the room.

The couple felt that they were missing a centrepiece for the room and with their toddler starting to walk the existing drinks trolley needed to be replaced with something more secure.

Georgia spotted a Harris Lebus Drinks Cabinet of mine that I had transformed for Grand Designs Live and fell in love with it, but the couple were unsure whether it would fit their scheme, so needed some expert advice.

Our Journey Together

For me to get a feel for the space, Anthony sent me some videos and photos of the room at different times of the day. What struck me first was that with the bifold doors, large plants, and beautiful painting, they clearly have a love of nature and bringing the outside in. The drinks cabinet they liked was painted in Fusion Park Bench, reminiscent of the walks they love, and time spent on those fabulous British park benches as a family. That shade of green was also reflected perfectly in the painting.

The couple agreed and as the cabinet that I had transformed for Grand Designs was sold, they asked me to source another, this time with a lockable cupboard so that their drinks collection would be safe from small prying eyes!

I managed to source a cabinet locally from B&E Furniture of Walthamstow which was probably made as a linen cupboard and was the perfect size for a drinks cabinet. Georgia and Anthony loved the original ‘scarab’ handles from the Harris Lebus cabinet and asked if I would source some for them. I added a sensor-controlled light that would come on when the doors were opened and could also be controlled by remote. Then added vintage cocktail pins and a glass lemon squeezer and installed a new lock with a key. The outside was painted in Fusion Park Bench, whilst the inside was decorated in Fleur Jetset Bronze.

With the cabinet complete, I carefully blanket and cardboard wrapped it, my courier collected it, and it was delivered the same day.

Coming Full Circle

As a furniture transformation artist, I love to give furniture a fresh lease of life and part of this is looking into the original furniture manufacturer, B& E Furniture. Given that I’d completely transformed this cabinet and replaced the handles with ones from another manufacturer, I wanted to be clear about the provenance of the cabinet for future generations. So, I produced a furniture certificate showing the journey that the cabinet had been on.

A serendipitous moment for me was being able to return this cabinet made by B&E Furniture of Walthamstow back to Walthamstow to a family who will love it anew. This is the true reflection of a circular economy. The scarab handles represent transformation and new life – and if you know me well you will know that for me it’s all about the transformation!

A Cabinet Well Loved

It’s wonderful to know how one cabinet can completely transform a space and make it complete. Georgia and Anthony are over the moon with their new drink cabinet and so am I!

If you have a transformation in mind or a story to tell, I’d love to hear from you.

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