The top 5 Valentine's Gifts for the Gin Lover in your life

The top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for the Gin Lover in your life

With the coldest month just behind us and Dry (or Damp) January beginning to fade, let’s focus on bringing some joy to Valentine’s Day this year.

If you’re reading this guide, then it’s safe to say that either you or that special someone are gin lovers. And if there’s one thing I do know from my gin club, gin lovers will use any excuse to indulge their passion for the Juniper spirit.

But what makes normal people want to proclaim their love for gin and show off their gin collection so publicly? Gin lovers are sharers! And what’s more, they don’t just want to show off their gin collection on Instagram, they actually want to share their gin. With partners, family, friends and sometimes even people they barely know!

I admit that I’m one such show off and when it comes to Gin, I also have to confess that style matters to me too. Style has to go hand in hand with substance.

I love anything that conjures up the image of the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, a time of jazz clubs, speakeasies and the Golden Era of Cocktails. A time of parties, balls, and social calendars. Basically, having a jolly good time, so what better way to have a good time than to throw a cocktail party at home.

So, this Valentine’s Gift guide is for you, your lover, your Galentines and your Palentines.

Who needs flowers when you can have Gin – although it has to be said that the flowers might last longer! And why limit your celebration of love to one night in an overpriced restaurant with everyone else, when you can share it all year round.

As F. Scott Fitzgerald said in The Great Gatsby – “a little party never killed nobody”

Let’s take a look at my Valentine’s gift recommendations for the gin lover in your life

1. In the Spirit of Love

Get the party started with a bottle of luxury Worsley Gin.

Indulge in some Gatsby Glitz

If Worsley Gin had been around in the 1920s when Fitzgerald wrote the Great Gatsby, it would surely have been one of the stars of the show. Cocktails were becoming ever popular in the early 1900s, and Gin was at the centre of many an iconic drink such as the Gin Rickey featured in the book.

With its distinctive bottle shape, teamed with rich blue and a copper metallic geometric design, Worsley Gin boasts one of the most attractive gin bottles around.

The design cleverly takes its inspiration from the natural landscape of Worsley, just outside of Manchester. Whilst its blend of fruits, herbs, florals and of course juniper, give Worsley Gin its distinctive taste and wonderful scent.

This is one stylish gin that any gin lover would be very proud to display as part of their collection on Valentine’s Day.

2. Let the love Be-Gin

If you’re looking for a fabulous evening with your Gelentine or Palentine, this Valentine’s Cocktail Masterclass is one for you. It’s a brilliant way of introducing any gin lover to new cocktail recipes and discovering new flavours that you may love… or hate!

The premise is that the Craft Gin Club will send you all of the ingredients in miniature form for 4 cocktails which they will then show you how to mix.

Be warned though, it can get a little messy – my friend Sarah and I indulged in a little cocktail masterclass last February. We dressed up, made some canapes, laid out all of our bar accessories and ingredients. We doubled up on the cocktails we loved and found some we hated… I’m sorry, I’ll never love a Negroni!

OK so we may have stopped listening halfway through, but that’s because we were having so much fun! What’s more, we came away with a list of new spirits to buy and ones to avoid!

3. Love is a game

The ultimate game for any Gin Lover this Valentine’s Day. The Gin Game is the perfect springboard to a gin tasting party with your Palentines.  The Gin-ius questions and History cards help to expand your knowledge about the well-loved juniper spirit, whilst the Mixology cards encourage you to mix and discover new cocktails.

Did you know for example that by volume consumption, gin and tonic is the most popular cocktail in the world?!

Encourage your Palentines to bring the ingredients to their favourite gin cocktails and let the gin flow!

4. Shake up your love life

You’ve indulged in some fabulous gin and decided who amongst your gin lovers you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. It’s time to make you look good with some home bar accessories. 

I absolutely love the vintage cocktail pins and lemon squeezers that come with retro drinks cabinets. Not to mention the cool 1970s brightly coloured ice buckets that you can still find on Ebay.

However, if you’re looking for luxury bar accessories for your loved one, these stylish tools will add a new dimension to their gin collection styling and elevate their mixology status.

With elegant cocktail shakers, heavy decanters and the perfect glass for every cocktail, these accessories will really shake up your love life!

5. The‘Bees-knees’ of all Valentine’s Gifts

This Art Deco-inspired Drinks cabinet is the ultimate Valentine’s gift for the gin lover in your life and is one that will have you spending time together all year round. 

Whilst cocktails such as the “Bees-Knees” were a popular party cocktail of the Art Deco era, home bars and cocktail cabinets became the height of sophistication in the 1960s. With their sleek lines, beautiful grains, rise and fall tops and drinks prep areas, they are now enjoying a renaissance. 

Owning your own cocktail cabinet is like visiting your favourite bar. You get to choose the style, décor and the company. And you have the perfect place to mix your own cocktails.

So why spend Valentine’s evening in a crowded restaurant when you can spend it round your very own cocktail cabinet with your gin lover. And if the gin lover in your life is YOU, go all out and host a cocktail party for your loved ones.

The inspiration for this 1960s Nathan drinks cabinet was the rich blues and bright geometric metallics of the Worsley Gin bottle. For a limited time only I’ll be offering a complimentary bottle to elevate your style.

Whether it’s all about the cabinet style and wowing friends with the stunning rise and fall mechanism, permanently showing off your collection for all to see or quietly hiding it in a less obvious place, I have the cabinet for you. There’s even the opportunity to commission a drinks cabinet to fit your own décor.

The top 5 Valentine's Gifts for the Gin Lover in your life

Hopefully these tips and ideas will give you lots of inspiration for gifts for the gin lover in your life on Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

If you’d like to discuss this stunning drink cabinet or your own drinks cabinet commission, then drop me a message and we can connect to help you discover your own drinks cabinet style

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