Tall Slim Stag Minstrel Bedside Tables / Cabinets


Add a contemporary finishing touch and your own stylish twist to your bedroom with these tall slim Stag Minstrel bedside tables /cabinets. The perfect space-saving bedside tables, now available to commission in a colour and design of your choice.

Tall Slim Stag Minstrel Bedside Tables/ Cabinets

The perfect “Picture Perfect “bedroom requires the perfect bedside tables.

But that can be tricky. They’re either too high, or too low. The wrong colour, the wrong wood, they don’t offer enough storage, or they offer the wrong combination of storage. Choosing bedside cabinets can become something of a minefield. Well, your problems may well be solved.

These tall slim Stag Minstrel bedside tables in African Cherry that are available for a restyle. As an example of what’s possible, here they’re painted in a dark, moody coal black and a lovely teal with geometric design. But they would look equally striking in any deep jewel colour, to suit your scheme.

And if these aren’t picture perfect, I do have another set of Stag Minstrel bedside cabinets in stock that might be better suited to your room.

Available to commission, these Tall Slim Stag Minstrel Bedside Tables/ Cabinets

Commissioning your very own Stag Minstrel bedside tables is the perfect way to ensure a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that fits perfectly into your scheme and I’d love to collaborate with you to bring your dream design to life.

Choose from a wide range of design possibilities to match your unique style and preferences. Whether you envision a classic makeover in a single colour, or a modern, bold statement with perhaps with the addition of some gold trim or wallpaper to the drawers. The handles can also be replaced for a more contemporary feel. I provide a colour matching service and samples can be posted out.

With my commission service, you have the freedom to choose the colour, finish, and design elements that perfectly complement your bedroom scheme. Tailor each detail to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your personal style.

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Why Choose these Tall Slim Stag Minstrel Bedside Tables/ Cabinets

Tall Slim Design & Space-saving Storage

These particular cabinets benefit from a good size drawer, essential for your bedside goodies, and stand on slightly tapered legs, so they’re just the right height. This makes them the ideal space-saver for when space beside the bed is at a premium.

Stag Minstrel Brand and Modular Design

Manufactured by Stag in the middle of the last century these pieces are the epitome of vintage, retro style. As a “blank canvas“ they are the perfect choice for a restyle, they will give you many years of service and will ensure your bedroom looks picture perfect and ready for its “Homes and Garden“ photo shoot, should the need ever arise.

Given the reputation of Stag in producing high-quality furniture, these bedsides are incredibly popular and desirable.

The Stag Minstrel range offers a flexible modular storage solution for your bedroom. Individual items of furniture are of a standard size, making it easy to mix and match.

Easy to mix and match with other Stag Minstrel Bedroom Furniture

Giving your bedroom a complete makeover? I also have some extra items of bedroom furniture available in the collection.

It includes tallboys and chests of drawers in different sizes. All available for refinishing in a colour to compliment your bedroom. This beautiful Captain’s Chest is the latest addition to the collection.

There are a variety of bedside tables in the Stag Minstrel range, so if this particular style isn’t quite right, I can help with sourcing and refinishing the perfect set.

If you’d like to know more about why Stag Minstrel is perfect for the bedroom, read my Stag Minstrel Guide.

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Ready to Commission Your Tall Slim Stag Minstrel Bedside Tables/ Cabinets

The real beauty of Stag Minstrel furniture today is the ability to customise it to match create a unique and cohesive look.

My commission process is simple and enjoyable. Share your design ideas, colour preferences, and any specific elements you wish to incorporate, and I will work closely with you to understand your vision and offer expert guidance to ensure the final result exceeds your expectations.

Feel free to browse the photos in this listing and my Lookbook to gain inspiration from some of my previous commissions.

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