Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest: Stylish low foot of bed storage


Elevate your bedroom with the rare and exquisite Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest. This remarkable low foot of bed chest of sits comfortably at the end of your bed and can be commissioned in colour of your choice.

Commission price starts at £895

Pay a deposit of £250.00 per item

Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest: Stylish low foot of bed storage

Introducing the Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest: Your Stylish Bedroom Focal Point and Storage Solution
Renowned for its bespoke appeal, Stag Minstrel is the top choice for customers looking for elegant bedroom furniture. The Captain’s Chest, also known as a Marriage or Wedding Chest, exudes luxury and charm, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom.

Whether placed at the foot of your bed, behind a sofa, under a window, or in a loft conversion where wall height is at a premium, this versatile chest complements any setting with its timeless design.

This rare gem can be beautifully refinished in Manor Green, as shown, or can be customized to match your bedroom scheme. Choose from a selection of colours and finishes to create a look that truly reflects your style.

Available to commission, this Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest: Stylish low foot of bed storage

Prepare to be enchanted by the artistic touch given to each Captain’s Chest. The refinishing process, carried out with love and care, results in a flawless finish that elevates the entire piece.

A beautiful acrylic paint brings the chest to life in any colour of your choice. For a touch of opulence, metallic highlights or geometric patterns can be added, creating a stunning visual feast. The option of heavy brass handles with knurled edges adds a luxurious edge to the already fabulous piece.

When it comes to making this Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest uniquely yours, the possibilities are endless. You have the exciting opportunity to commission this exquisite piece in a bespoke colour that perfectly complements your personal style and interior decor. Together we can explore various patterns and designs, allowing you to add your touch of individuality and creativity.

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Why Choose this Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest: Stylish low foot of bed storage

Multi-functional with Large Storage Capacity

At a height of 70.5cm and a width of 156cm, the Captain’s Chest is perfectly proportioned to complement a king-size bed. Its low height also makes it a great choice for placing behind the sofa, under windows or in a loft conversion.

Unlike traditional chest of drawers, this piece makes a bold style statement while providing good storage.

With a total of 8 drawers, including 4 large and 4 small ones, you’ll have no shortage of space for your belongings. Store blankets, cushions, towels, and bed linen in the large drawers, while the small drawers are ideal for organizing clothes, underwear, and those precious knick-knacks.

The top of the chest offers a prime spot to display your favourite decorative items, adding an elegant extension to the main focus of your bedroom: your bed!

The Stag Brand

The Stag Minstrel range is designed by the talented John and Sylvia Reid for Stag Furniture, offering a flexible modular storage solution for your bedroom. Its classic and timeless design has been cherished since the 1960s, making it a piece of furniture that stands the test of time.

Crafted from Makore / African Cherry, both solid and veneered, the Captain’s Chest exudes quality and durability. The original gold loop handles provide a touch of nostalgia, or you can opt for contemporary bronze knobs and cup handles, or knurled brass handles at an additional cost, to enhance the overall design.

More Stag Minstrel Furniture To Complete Your Bedroom Scheme

Transform your entire bedroom with the complete Stag Minstrel collection. Alongside the Captain’s Chest, we offer a range of complementary bedside tables and chests of drawers in various sizes, all waiting to be refinished in the perfect colour to harmonize with your bedroom décor.

Check out the photos for other pieces refinished as part of this design and browse the Stag Minstrel Bedroom Furniture range.

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Ready to Commission Your Stag Minstrel Captain’s Chest: Stylish low foot of bed storage

Prices for this bespoke commission start at just £895, which includes an exclusive online design consultation with you. I will guide you through the process, creating a personalized mood board and providing samples to help you envision the final masterpiece. Together, we will choose the ideal colour and design that aligns perfectly with your vision. The Captain’s Chest will be transformed to your bespoke specifications, ensuring that it becomes a one-of-a-kind creation that truly reflects your taste and preferences.

Feel free to browse my Lookbook to gain inspiration from some of my previous commissions. When it comes to designing and commissioning your dream furniture, I take immense pride in my process. It revolves around meticulous attention to detail and treating the original piece with the utmost respect.

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Bespoke colour made to order, Manor Green with contemporary heavy brass handles, Manor Green with original loop handles


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