Large Walnut Art Deco Drinks Cabinet – Designed to order


Add a taste of 1920s Paris and a warm tingly feeling into your cocktail making with this stunning Art Deco inspired Drinks cabinet. Designed to order so you can showcase the beautiful burr walnut grain paired with some Art Deco Glamour.

Pay a deposit of £250.00 per item

Large walnut Art Deco Drinks Cabinet – Designed to order

I’ve nicknamed this large Art Deco inspired drinks cabinet “Sidecar”, after the gorgeous amber colours of the cocktail which mirror those in the burr walnut grain of this cabinet.

Much like its refinished sister which has pride of place at The Rabbit Hotel and Spa in Northern Ireland, this beautiful drinks cabinet has a very definite 1930s feel to it and harks back to a time of jazz clubs, speakeasies and the Golden Era of Cocktails.

The cabinet, with its stunning burl walnut, boasts the original handles, cocktail pins and lemon juice squeezer which are all still intact. The base of the cabinet has two doors, with bottle holders. When fully opened, these reveal a lovely storage space for glassware and up to 80 bottles. Meanwhile, the drop-down cantilevered front has a mirrored worktop, lighting and storage for cocktail shakers and other essentials and accessories.
Speaking of which, the story goes that the Sidecar was invented in Paris in 1922 at the end of World War I. An American army captain is celebrating victory in the bar at the Ritz. The bartender mixes him a bespoke cocktail which he enjoys so much that he decides to name it for the sidecar on his army-issue motorbike.

Fact or fiction, its key ingredients of Cognac, triple sec and lemon juice make for a deliciously smooth, sweet, sour but warming tipple.

And in the cocktail world, Sidecar actually has another meaning. It’s the fabulous left-over ingredients you have in your cocktail shaker when making drinks for friends. Pour it into a shot glass and enjoy it at your leisure. Cheers!

Available to Commission – This Large walnut Art Deco Drinks Cabinet – Designed to order – Explore The Details:

Whilst the beautiful drinks cabinet in the main photo in now a feature of The Rabbit Hotel, I do have another ‘naked ’cabinet waiting to be refinished (see photos).

This cabinet features:

  • Stunning Burl Walnut grain
  • Cantilevered mirrored top section
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Original cocktail pins and lemon juicer
  • Ample storage suitable for large drinks collections
  • Overall dimensions: H115cm x W84cm xD35cm
  • Can be ‘designed to order’ to your specification

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Why choose this Large walnut Art Deco Drinks Cabinet – Designed to order

This style of design is well over a century old and, whilst other styles have come and gone, Art Deco has never really gone out of fashion. The bold lines, symmetry and ornamental design make it a brilliant foundation to base any room design on.

Working with an Art Deco piece of furniture is inspirational. You can either dress the rest of the room up or dress it down. Keep things softly muted, perhaps add in some luxurious fabrics for soft furnishings. Or add more art deco items, an occasional table, light fittings and geometric shaped seating.

Adding an Art Deco cocktail cabinet, designed to order, to a dining room or lounge will give it an instant 1920’s “Great Gatsby” feel. Beautiful, eye-catching, practical, functional, but always bang on trend

Ready to commission your Large walnut Art Deco Drinks Cabinet – Designed to order

I love to work with quality vintage furniture enthusiasts like you to create stylish designs that bring to life your vision for your room. Imagine your cabinet in a custom Art Deco geometric that we will design together.

That’s the beauty of a bespoke design… the world is your oyster. We start with a face-to-face call to share ideas and within a week you will have colour samples and a concept board full of ideas to take you on a visual journey.
To see some of my other previous commissions then browse my designer drinks cabinets or for more inspiration, check out my look book.

My design and commission process gives you more detail on how we can work together, what approach I take to create your dream furniture and all of the essential info that you need to start our journey together. Every single commission I undertake is personally managed by me with the upmost pride and respect for the original piece; with an end to end service that will have you bring your perfect vintage Art Deco Cocktail cabinet home to enjoy forever.

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