Geometric Artcycled Wall Art – Designed to order


Make a statement in your home with this stunning “Artcycled” wall art. Crafted from re-purposed cabinet doors, it will transform your living space into a haven of bespoke style and sophistication.

Geometric Artcycled Wall Art – Designer to order

Introducing our exquisite Artcycled Wall Art – where timeless elegance meets sustainable creativity! Each piece of my captivating wall art is meticulously crafted from repurposed cabinet doors, transforming discarded materials into remarkable masterpieces that add a touch of artful brilliance to your living space.

Crafted from the discarded doors of this open display drinks cabinet, I pour my heart and soul into every Artcycled creation, preserving the door’s original charm with original hardware, wood grains and beautiful veneer, to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth in your home.

Inspired by the Art Deco Drinks Cabinets that I create, each piece of Artcycled Wall Art features a bespoke geometric design unique to your and your interior scheme.

Available to commission – this Artcycled Wall Art in a Geometric design of your choice

With “Artcycled”, you have the opportunity to commission a bespoke piece that perfectly complements your existing decor or personal style.

Each piece of wall art is meticulously crafted from reclaimed flamed yew, sourced from Regency style Bradley drinks cabinets. The original varnish is stripped away, revealing the natural beauty of the wood, before a captivating design, geometric in this case is expertly applied.

We can even pay homage to the cabinet’s heritage by retaining and cleaning the original door hardware: hinges, locks and escutcheons, creating a unique feature that adds character to your artwork.

Each piece of Artcycled Wall Art measures 53 x 33.5 x 2cm and features a hanging system on the back.

Why buy Artcycled Wall Art ins a Geometric Design?

With a focus on quality and eco-friendliness, my Artcycled Wall Art represents a powerful commitment to sustainability. By choosing Artcycled pieces, you become part of a movement that champions environmental consciousness and reduces waste, making a positive impact on our planet, one stunning piece at a time.

Each Artcycled wall art piece is truly one-of-a-kind, carrying a hint of history and character that sets it apart from mass-produced art. You’ll cherish the uniqueness of these masterpieces, transforming your living space into a gallery of creative expression.

Embrace sustainable art and discover the allure of Artcycling with these captivating wall art pieces. Add a touch of artistic brilliance to your home, support local artisans, and celebrate the harmonious fusion of creativity and sustainability. Elevate your space with Artcycled Wall Art and let the beauty of repurposed materials captivate your senses!

Want to know more about Artcycling and its commitment to sustainability and art, then read the Blog.

Ready to commission your bespoke Artcycled Wall Art?

Customization is my specialty! Whether you want to coordinate the wall art with your existing furniture or design a bespoke piece to match your decor, I’m dedicated to creating a piece that perfectly complements your space.

You could pair your Artcycled Wall Art with a mid-century coffee table for a coordinated look that brings your whole scheme together.

And if you’re looking for something truly exceptional, why not commission your very own open-style cocktail cabinet? I can refinish the doors separately, ensuring a seamless match with your chosen design.

Elevate your space with Artcycled exquisite wall art – a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary design. Choose from our existing designs or book a consultation to discuss your vision and together we’ll bring it to life.

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