Dynatron Walnut Retro Radiogram Cabinet


Add a touch of Art Deco sophistication and luxury to your home with this Dynatron Walnut Retro Radiogram Cabinet, available for commission as a drinks cabinet or contemporary music centre

Deposit of £500 required to secure this cabinet
Commission price starts at £2245

Pay a deposit of £500.00 per item

Dynatron Walnut Retro Radiogram Cabinet – A Wonderful History.

Imagine the scene: it is the late 1940s and against the backdrop of post-war optimism, the world is alive with the sounds of swing and jazz, being piped into homes through the magic of short and long wave radiogramophones.

After the dark months and years of war and rationing, the gramophones (as they became known), served as beacons of hope and future prosperity, especially in times of celebration and reflection. From upbeat dance numbers to the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and her subsequent coronation, families gathered around their gramophones, or radiograms to witness it all.

So, whether you were listening to “The Archers”, “The Hit Parade”, or the BBC’s “World Service”, the gramophone was a link to the outside world in a way never experienced before.

And even today, with all our modern audio-visual technology that is available at our fingertips, the charm and allure of vintage gramophones remain undimmed, captivating collectors and enthusiasts with their nostalgic appeal and timeless elegance.

And this wonderful walnut Ether Conqueror Radio Gramophone Cabinet by Dynatron is no exception, it is a shining example of British craftsmanship and innovation.

Dynatron, a pioneering manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment was founded in 1932 by Sir Charles Devonshire, and quickly established itself as a leader in the field of consumer electronics.
With a commitment to invention and quality, the company earned a reputation for excellence that endures to this day.

Today, the Dynatron name evokes memories of a bygone era, where the crackle of vinyl and the warmth of a radio broadcast filled homes with music and nostalgia.

And, as a cherished piece of British heritage, these cabinets continue to captivate imaginations with their timeless Art Deco elegance and design and superior craftsmanship.

Tailored to Your Taste : Dynatron Walnut Retro Radiogram Cabinet :

This Dynatron Radiogram Cabinet is available as a commission piece, ready to be customised to your specific requirements. Without its original sound system it could be restored to its former glory as a with new Bluetooth speakers and a modern turntable, with lots of space for LPs and vinyl; As a unique and stylish home bar complete with a custom-built wine rack, glassware storage and lighting; Or the combination of the two for that perfect party ambiance.

Once you’ve decided on the desired use for the piece, we can move on to discussing the exterior styling. One of the many wonderful things about this cabinet is that it lends itself beautifully to slightly different genres:
Art Deco: Imagine sleek lines and luxurious finishes, mirrors and gold accents and subtle geometrics reminiscent of the roaring ’20s, while vintage-inspired barware adds a touch of opulence and completes the look.

Return to its design roots: we could also restore this piece to its former glory, capturing the elegance and sophistication of 1940s aesthetics, with rich walnut wood French polished to a lustrous sheen, clean lines, and streamlined silhouettes.

Why choose this Dynatron Walnut Retro Radiogram Cabinet?

  • Opulent Exterior: The curved exterior of the cabinet is adorned with beautiful honey-toned Burr Walnut Veneer on the front and top, exuding sophistication and opulence.
  • Ample Storage: The top section lifts to reveal space for a turntable or space for storing bottles as well as glassware and cocktail making paraphernalia. As well as providing access from the back, offering plenty more storage. The cabinet is on castors which makes it easy to transform into the perfect home bar for serving guests.
  • Measuring H89, W87 and D45cm, it’s the perfect size
  • Timeless Beauty and Craftsmanship: Whether you seek a statement piece for your home or the ultimate drinks preparation area, this vintage cocktail cabinet is sure to exceed your expectations. It seamlessly combines timeless beauty with unrivalled craftsmanship.

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