Bespoke Furniture Design & Commission Service

How working with a professional designer helps to create a unique statement furniture centrepiece for your home as part of a stylish interior design scheme.

Large mid century drinks cabinet with gold geometric pattern on the front and painted teal inside

Commission similar drinks cabinet

Need help with design inspiration and putting together a cohesive interior design scheme? My custom furniture design service is just what you need to create that vision!

In this guide we'll look at :

  • Individual homes that truly reflect our personality and the way we live our lives
  • Design inspiration and how to find your personal style
  • Meeting with a furniture designer to create a design brief
  • Commissioning a bespoke modern furniture design
  • Creating the vision; mood boards, colour samples and unique furniture design
  • Sourcing vintage furniture to meet the agreed design
  • The furniture transformation process - realising the vision!
  • Furniture packaging and delivery

The commission process starts with us having a chat about what you're looking for.

Let's get the conversation started!

Our homes have become our sanctuaries

As a nation, the last couple of years have really tested our love of our homes haven't they. People have certainly spent more time in their homes than ever and homes have had to adapt to a multi functional lifestyle.

Spaces that were once used for relaxing and entertaining became our workplaces and school classrooms. In my business alone for instance, there's been a huge rise in customers looking for multifunctional furniture such as bureaus, that serve a new purpose but still need to look beautiful. 

Hand-in-hand with that desire for beautiful bespoke work spaces has been a growing number of people who have felt the need to reaffirm areas of comfort and relaxation in their homes. Bespoke drinks cabinets and statement sideboards, fo example, have become hugely popular.

Inspirational Quote: The home should be the treasure chest of living - Le Corbusier


Above all people have felt the need to be inspired by and enjoy their homes. They are therefore searching for a unique style that truly reflects their personality and the way they live their every day lives. As well as unique space where they can relax and welcome friends and family, they want one off furniture design that brings them real pleasure to look at and is part of a cohesive interior design scheme. That's to say a home that they are proud to share with friends and family.

"The home should be the treasure chest of living" - Le Corbusier

Design inspiration and how to find your personal style

If you have a love of browsing interiors magazines for inspiration, have lots of ideas but can't seem to narrow down your style or maybe you have your own unique style but can't seem to find the right furniture to fit your scheme then our design service could be for you.

Inspiration is everywhere; nature is a fabulous source of colour, shape, form and texture. The geometry in the structure of a seashell or the symmetry of a snowflake influences our design choices today.
When designing a new scheme for your room, the simplest way of developing your idea is to start with one single thing that you love. It might be a specific colour, a painting, period features in your property, the shape of a vase or a rug. Then think about the emotions you feel when you look at that single object and why you may be feeling them.
I have a love of simple form, clean lines, natural beauty, deep colour and a touch of glamour. It makes me feel more free and liberated from fuss and clutter.
A great way of starting to bring your design ideas together is by creating a mood board. This can be a physical mood board on A3 card for instance that you can pin photos, pictures, paint, texture to or it could be a digital one you've created on Pinterest of Canva.
A statement item of furniture can absolutely be the starting point for your interior design or you may already have a beautiful scheme and are looking for that unique furniture piece.
For a lot of my clients, their journey starts when they browse my Gallery of finished pieces and see a spark of something they love. Then they get in touch and the commission process starts there.

Creating a Design Brief and commissioning the furniture 

I love meeting clients virtually, seeing their schemes, discussing colour and pattern and watching as their excitement rises when they realise how we can work together to design and create a beautiful centrepiece for their home.
If you're interested in commissioning your own unique item of furniture, that's exactly what we'll do first. If you're happy with a video call we can look at the space you are designing for or simply share photos of it, together with a mood board you may have created or ideas you have. Then we'll discuss size and any additional functionality you want to cater for or item of furniture you have in mind.
As a result of that discussion, I'll give you a price for your new item of furniture and raise the order for you to complete. 

Furniture sourcing and naked furniture for commission 

The second stage of the process is sourcing the furniture. I have a stock of 'naked' or unfinished furniture that you can select from. You can browse Naked Furniture for commission to see the range.

If you see something you like and would like to reserve it then you can secure it with a deposit and I will be in touch straight away to book a design consultation.

Equally if you've found some inspiration in the furniture Gallery, I'm happy to source something similar. All requests are welcome and I can give you a choice of up to 3 items as part of the commission process.

Commission this Beautility sideboard

Creating the vision for your unique furniture 

I have a lot of clients who have an idea of what they are looking for but can't quite visualise the restyled furniture in their room. They may have seen a similar item of mine in a different colour, but can't quite imagine it in a different shade or design.

This is where my Interior Design skills and qualification come into play. 

As the next part of the design and commissioning process, customers can receive a mood board showing how all the separate elements of the design will come together and sample sticks of paint and metallics so that we can ensure we select the right colours.

Mood Board showing Mid Century drinks cabinet with geometric design and Congo wallpaper

Request a mood board

I provide a colour match service, so clients are welcome to sent me fabric or paint they would like me to match.

I have also started to provide a bespoke furniture design in Photoshop to show customers a couple of different designs and colour ways. I use a photo of the commissioned piece of furniture and start to overlay colour and pattern onto it. Exact colour matches can be achieved using a colour sampler.

Furniture Transformation - Achieving the look and style

The next step in the process is the actual furniture transformation itself. I love it when the design starts to take shape as I remove the old finishes and apply the new ones.

I'll keep in touch with progress and reach out to you for any additional design decisions. The design often evolves as your new furniture starts to take shape and some customers prefer me to take the design decisions, which I'm more than happy to do. 

Before and After polaroid photos of a mid century drinks cabinet with gold chevron design

Let's get started

Furniture packaging & delivery

Lastly, once the furniture transformation has taken place, the restyled furniture will be dispatched and will be yours to enjoy!

I'm passionate about ensuring that the delivery process is as seamless and easy as the rest of my service. Where possible I use environmental friendly packaging. I use a trusted courier based locally in The Midlands who is also passionate about great service and good communication.

For more detailed information about the packaging and delivery visit Furniture Delivery & Returns.

In Summary

My bespoke furniture design and commissioning service is a great way to achieve a completely bespoke look for your home whilst feeling totally involved in the process and having great fun along the way.

If you'd like to know more about what it's like to work with me, check out My Vision and Brand Values. They are at the heart of my business and underpin everything I do.

I'd love to chat so if you'd like to know more about any aspects of my service, please Get in Touch