Bespoke Heirloom Furniture Restoration Service

A bespoke heirloom furniture restoration service that specialises in preserving the beauty and history of your cherished family pieces.

Transform Your Heirlooms Into Modern Masterpieces...

I love to be able to take a treasured family item and make it perfect for your contemporary home

I fully understand the sentimental and emotional value that heirloom items hold and how important they are to your family and the power of their legacy. As a skilled artisan that  specialises in restoring and preserving precious items to give them a classical or modern identity, I see it as my mission is to breathe new life into these beloved heirlooms, making them not only functional but also beautiful for generations to come. 


Whether you are looking to restore the natural look of your heirloom piece, or transform it to fit with a more modern and contemporary aesthetic, I can work to your requirements and be sympathetic to the history of the original furniture and its wonderful heritage.


If your heirloom has been left somewhere and forgotten for a while, it may be in need of some TLC, which I am very happy to provide. During the consultation I can assess the condition of the piece and we can discuss what is possible in terms of restoration.

"No heirloom of humankind captures the past as do art and language"


In trusted hands...

When entrusting someone to help you create your perfect interior, you want peace of mind that you will not only get excellent craftsmanship, but also excellent customer service and project management. As a qualified designer and  project manager with over 20 years experience I am proud to incorporate my skills and knowledge of managing complex ventures into each design project so that you get a seamless experience. This principle is one of the fundamentals of my values…


Transforming Precious Treasures


"Our Gramps bureau - it is
just perfect!"

" When searching for someone to restore our heirloom bureau we inherited from our Grandparents, we struggled to find someone that would be sympathetic to the antique, but give it a modern look. When we found Liz and saw her other designs we knew we had found the right person! Her communication throughout was impeccable, the collection and delivery seamless and what can I say about our Gramps bureau - it is just perfect.
Thank you Liz, from all of our family"
The Stephenson's
Heirloom Restoration Client 2023

Worcestershire & Warwickshire Heirloom Restoration Services

Covering all of the Midlands and beyond for heirloom transformation and restoration to preserve your precious memories. 

Need Your Family's Next Heirloom?
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