Get out of the kitchen! The art of hosting the perfect dinner party this Christmas.

Get out of the kitchen! The art of hosting the perfect dinner party this Christmas.

You’ve created this beautiful home, but no one ever gets to see it because you can’t get your guests out of the kitchen!

As the Jona Lewie song goes, ‘You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties!’ But create the right ambiance, get your guests mingling and introduce a statement centrepiece in the heart of your home and they will soon be dancing their way out of the kitchen into the perfect dinner party this Christmas, with you as their fabulous host!

In this article we’ll look at the art of hosting the perfect dinner party this Christmas.

  •  Why this Christmas deserves to be the most memorable ever!
  • How to create the right Christmas party ambiance
  • Art Deco – The ultimate dinner party theme
  • How to get your guests mingling
  • The ultimate drinks experience and Christmas feast
  • Curate a Captivating 1920s-Inspired Playlist
  • Transform Your Party with a bespoke Art Deco inspired Drinks Cabinet or Sideboard
  • Phil and Fiona’s quest for the perfect dinner party

Why this Christmas deserves to be the most memorable ever!

With a cost-of-living crisis and widespread negativity, this year has left many of us feeling tired and overwhelmed. Christmas is a time to come together with friends and family to relax, have fun and enjoy one another’s company. Throwing a Christmas dinner party is the perfect opportunity to create a magical, cocoon-like ambiance that allows guests to temporarily escape from the stresses of the outside world. As the host you have the power to lift the spirits and create memories that your loved ones will treasure well into the new year. So, read on to find out how you can make it the best Christmas ever!

How to create the right Christmas party ambiance.

A well-planned party should make the eating, drinking and mingling as seamless as possible, adding to the overall party ambiance. Implement these tips and your guests will soon be swooning at your sense of style.

1. Enchant with a Dinner Party Theme

Add a sense of style to your dinner party with a captivating theme, whether it’s the enchanting allure of a winter wonderland or the sophisticated glamour of an Art Deco-inspired soirée. A well-chosen theme adds style to every aspect of the evening, from drinks and menu to music, dress code, and the overall atmosphere. Elevate the ambiance by incorporating your unique interpretation of 1920s luxury and Art Deco design into the decorations. Think feathers, fringes, and a dash of frivolity, blending seamlessly with glamour and classic cocktails to establish the perfect party mood and create lasting memories for you and your guests.

2. Get your Guests Mingling

The chances are that your guest won’t all know one another, so it’s essential for fun and the general atmosphere to get them mingling early. Prompt them to escape the safety of the kitchen and engage in the festivities by strategically designating the heart of the party for maximum action.

1. Design a Selfie Corner

For those embracing an Art Deco theme, consider dressing a corner of the room in extravagant Art Deco style, complete with props and 1920s vintage accessories. Your guests can enjoy dressing up and capture memorable moments in a photo.

 2. Introduce a Drinking Game

Ideal for Gin Lovers, introduce “The Gin Game” as a fantastic icebreaker. The clever Gin-ius questions challenge knowledge, while Mixology cards encourage guests to have fun mixing and discovering new cocktails.

 3. Centralise the Party Essentials

Ensure there’s no reason for guests to venture into the kitchen by strategically placing food and drinks at the heart of the party. As the host, it’s your party too, so free yourself from waiter duties and mingle with your guests. Move food and drink to the main party area, allowing guests to help themselves without leaving the party atmosphere.

Mix It Up: Your Ultimate Drinks Experience

Transform a well-stocked bar into a hub of creativity with a personalised drinks menu. Set the stage with a charming sign featuring easy-to-follow cocktail suggestions, allowing guests to craft their own concoctions. If you have an Art Deco theme, feature cocktails popular during prohibition and keep the Mixology cards from The Gin Game within reach for added inspiration. Equip your bar with essentials like a lemon squeezer, wooden board, and cocktail shaker, and encourage guests to try their hand at mixing drinks for each other. Let the good times flow with a home bar experience that adds a dash of excitement to your celebration.

Feast in Art Deco Style

Serve a feast that echoes the opulence and refinement of the Roaring Twenties for your Art Deco-themed gathering. Craft a menu that demands minimal intervention from you as the host, allowing guests to revel in the glamour of the era. Elevate your soirée with a selection of hors d’oeuvres, featuring sophisticated finger foods like devilled eggs, caviar, smoked salmon finger sandwiches, salted nuts, prawn cocktails, and chic canapés. Treat your guests to a delightful array of desserts, from the classic petit fours to the indulgent richness of chocolate mousse and perhaps a glamorous fruit tart.

Elevate the Vibe: Curate a Captivating 1920s-Inspired Playlist

Craft a 1920s-style playlist with the timeless allure of the Jazz Age with contemporary swing influences. Set the stage with classic crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, transporting your guests to the elegance of the past. Infuse a modern twist into the mix with the smooth vocals of Michael Bublé and sprinkle in the swing flair of Robbie Williams, for a contemporary touch.

Make a Statement: Transform Your Party with a bespoke Art Deco inspired Drinks Cabinet or Sideboard

Boost your Christmas party with a bespoke Art Deco-inspired Drinks Cabinet or Sideboard that’s designed to make a statement. Picture this: your guests gathered around a stunning, tailor-made centrepiece, mixing their own cocktails in an atmosphere that exudes the glamour of the Art Deco era. My unique pieces not only serve as functional and exquisite furniture but also become the heart of your party, creating a focal point that sparks conversations and adds a fabulous sense of style to your gatherings.

Choose the stylish Nathan cocktail cabinet in Chestler, boasting a rich blue-green hue and an Art Deco-inspired geometric design. The top section, adorned with a mirrored rise and fall feature, showcases vintage elements like a lemon squeezer and cocktail pins, offering ample space for crafting your own signature cocktails.

Longing to craft a clandestine 1920s-inspired speakeasy? Commission a Vintage Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet customized in your preferred colour and geometric design. This sophisticated cabinet effortlessly transforms into a home bar, revealing additional Art Deco features inside. It’s the perfect addition to entertain guests and display your meticulously curated drinks collection.

Alternatively, for the ultimate statement piece in drinks and dining, consider a bespoke sideboard. Explore my collection of statement sideboards to see what’s possible and create a distinctive focal point for your space.

Transform your home into a sophisticated haven where the magic happens, and memories are made with every pour. Choose a piece that goes beyond furniture; it becomes a conversation starter, an expression of your taste, and a symbol of the exceptional moments shared in your home.

From Kitchen Chaos to Dinner Party Bliss: Phil and Fiona's quest for the perfect dinner party

Phil and Fiona, residents of a charming Arts and Crafts home in Surrey, embarked on a quest to break free from their kitchen-dominated party scene. Their goal was to transform their living room into a more casual and welcoming environment, encouraging guests to explore beyond the culinary hub.

To anchor their vision, they commissioned a vintage 1920s drinks cabinet from my stock, envisioning it as the focal point that would infuse Art Deco style into their gatherings. The meticulous redesign journey resulted in a finished masterpiece, delivered just in time for their next social extravaganza.

Their new drinks cabinet was much admired by the guests and became the social epicentre of the party. In the words of Jona Lewie,

“At last I met a pretty girl, she laughed and talked with me
We both walked out of the kitchen and danced in a new way
And now I’ve done my time in the kitchen at parties
I’ve done my time in the kitchen at parties”

If you’d like to chat about how I can help create that perfect dinner party centrepiece or would like to book a free Design Consultation, Get in touch

For more etiquette on how to be the perfect host over the Christmas season, follow Sophie Dahl’s advice and treat guests as you’d like to be treated yourself.

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