Stag Minstrel Furniture - Creating a cohesive look for your bedroom.

Photo of stylish bedroom featuring a set of Stag drawers in blue

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Why refinished Stag Minstrel furniture makes the best furniture for a unique cohesive look and offers the perfect storage for your bedroom.

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries at the moment so we really do deserve beautiful bold furniture that fits in with our colour scheme and provides a cohesive look but offers us a flexible storage solution for our every day needs.

Choosing the perfect bedroom furniture

It can be difficult choosing bedroom furniture. It's often a balance of factors such as:

  • Design and aesthetics - beautiful bedroom furniture that will fit your style and scheme
  • Good craftsmanship - furniture that will last and is sustainable, reducing pressure on the environment and your bank balance
  • Functionality - maximum storage is key
  • Unique style - a key part of a bedroom that is unique to you 

Refinished Stag Minstrel bedroom is the perfect solution.

Stag Captain's Chest at the foot of a bed

Captain's Chest - perfect for the foot of the bed

Stag Minstrel design and craftsmanship

The Stag Minstrel furniture range was introduced in 1964 as a result of a collaboration between Stag and design consultants John and Sylvia Reid and it was possibly the best-selling bedroom furniture range ever, made from Makore or African Cherry and both solid and veneered. 

Its inspiration was the simple elegance of 18th century furniture, with it's shapely legs and architectural lines. Perhaps that's what appears to interiors lovers today.

Almost sixty years after the Stag Minstrel range was first introduced, it is still as robust and well made as ever and is likely to remain so for the next 60 years. It's fantastic to think that the range is more popular than ever for people looking for sustainability as an integral part of their interior design.

Photo of unfinished Stag Minstrel slim tallboy and chest of drawers

Good range offering flexible modular storage

The Stag Minstrel bedroom furniture range is extensive. The designers understood that customers appreciated a modular range that could be mixed and matched according to their bespoke needs.

There are a total of 4 different designs of bedside table / cabinet, 4 sizes of chest of drawers and tallboys, a dressing table and a number of different combinations of wardrobe within the range.

Each design uses standard measurements so that different items of furniture can happily sit together to offer the right combination of storage. 

Stag Minstrel tallboy painted in Ash Grey

Stag Minstrel Tallboy painted in Ash Grey

Unique cohesive bedroom decor

The real beauty of Stag Minstrel furniture today is the ability to customise it. The original dark mahogany varnish may be tarnished and chipped a little, but it is easily removed and a new finish applied.

With my bespoke design and commission service, it's possible to colour match your Stag Minstrel furniture to fit your bedroom scheme. It looks great in dark colours with pops of colour and warm metallics. 

Decoupage on drawer front also looks fabulous in geometrics or chinoiserie style wallpapers and can really make your new furniture unique whilst tying it into your interior design scheme. 

Stag Minstrel Chest of drawers in seaside blue in a beautiful bedroom
Browse the collection of refinished Stag Minstrel furniture and furniture in stock waiting to be refinished or learn about the design and commission process.

Looking to sell your original Stag Minstrel furniture?

If you have some Stag Minstrel bedroom furniture to sell and you'd love to see it professionally transformed, before making its way to another loving home, then I'm always open to having  chat about buying it from you.

You can get in touch with a description of the furniture you have and your location. Photos are always appreciated too.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this.

Liz x




  • Your furniture is beautifully customised but I am looking for a 6 drawer Stag Minstrel narrow tall boy (as you show in the photo above) which is not painted and is still as it was made. Do you ever get such an item which you could sell without it being customised? Thanks.

  • Hi is it possible to still buy Stag Sandringham furniture ?

  • I’m trying to source some drawer runners for a seven drawer chest/ tall boy I have. Would you have any idea ?
    Many thanks


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