Modern British Furniture Designers and Master Craftsmen

  • Nathan Furniture Makers - Mid-century furniture for modern living

    Why Nathan Furniture is as popular now as ever and is a versatile and sustainable focal point for the modern home

    Over the last few years, there has been an incredible resurgence in the popularity of mid-century furniture. And with very good reason. With its clean lines, aesthetically pleasing designs and versatility, upcycled mid-century furniture is the perfect choice if you are looking to incorporate a bespoke, sensitively restored, vintage piece into your home.  A piece that is ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and sustainable, a piece that will become, and remain, a lovely focal point for your interior design.

  • Stag Minstrel Furniture - Creating a cohesive look for your bedroom.

    Why refinished Stag Minstrel furniture makes the best furniture for a unique cohesive look and offers the perfect storage for your bedroom.

    Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries at the moment so we really do deserve beautiful bold furniture that fits in with our colour scheme and provides a cohesive look but offers us a flexible storage solution for our every day needs.

    Choosing the perfect bedroom furniture

    It can be difficult choosing bedroom furniture. It's often a balance of factors such as: - beautiful bedroom furniture that will fit your style and scheme

    • Design and aesthetics - beautiful bedroom furniture that will fit your style and scheme
    • Good craftsmanship - furniture that will last and is sustainable, reducing pressure on the environment and your bank balance
    • Functionality - maximum storage is key
    • Unique style - a key part of a bedroom that is unique to you 

    Refinished Stag Minstrel bedroom is the perfect solution.