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  • A beginners guide to making your home more sustainable

    A beginners guide to making your home more sustainable

    We all want to be more conscious nowadays, whether through our own needs to reduce costs, or a growing sense of responsibility for the planet.  In this beginners guide to making your home more sustainable we will explore the considerations that you can explore for you and your family.  We will explore:

    • Energy
    • Waste
    • Water
    • Travel
    • Services

    These 5 areas will allow us to explore how as a beginner you can look at making your home more sustainable and will showcase some fantastic brands that can support you and give expert opinion – from how to reduce your waste by ethical event planner Michelle Miles, through to how to utilise upcycled furniture from your very own Liz Clarkson Interiors

  • A sustainable approach to furniture packaging - how to ensure your furniture packaging does not cost the earth.

    Packaging is a big challenge for furniture artists, particularly sourcing packaging that is sustainable and that also protects the furniture during transportation.

    Whether you are thinking about ordering a piece of furniture and want to understand more about the environmental implications of the packaging or you are a furniture artist looking to incorporate sustainable practices into your business, this article will help you on your journey. Ensuring that your furniture packaging does not cost the earth.

  • Celebrate World Gin Day 2022 and showcase your Gin Collection in your own style!

    Gin Lovers don't need much of an excuse to celebrate their love of gin but they they are always looking for opportunities to share that love.

    World Gin Day 2022 is just that opportunity and who wouldn't be open to that given the year we've had!

    In this updated guide I'll be talking about

    • What and when is World Gin Day 2022
    • Joining events organised for World Gin Day
    • Gin Clubs and online gin tasting 
    • Hosting a World Gin party at home
    • Commissioning your own Gin Cabinet
    • Showcasing your Gin Collection in style 
    • Birthday Gin recommendation!


    • National Upcycling Day 2021: Why refinished furniture is best!

      Why buying professionally refinished or upcycled furniture is better than buying brand new furniture!

      Although the term ‘upcycle’ has been around since the 1990s, its popularity only really started to grow a decade later and has culminated with a substantial increase in people upcycling and buying refinished furniture since lockdown began. This upcycling craze subsequently led to an Upcycle Revolution and the creation of National Upcyling Day last year, with the aim of highlighting ways to upcycle more and throw away less.

      To mark the second National Upcycle Day on June 24th 2021, this article talks about:

      • What the Upcycling Revolution is all about and why it isn’t a new concept
      • Why upcycling and in particular furniture refinishing has become so popular in the last 18 months
      • Benefits of buying refinished furniture or upcycling your own
      • 10 things a good professional furniture refinisher can offer