My Vision and Values

Leading a purpose led brand that delivers so much more than just furniture…

A clear vision to bring you only the best...

My vision is to help lovers of interior design create a beautiful home with the highest quality unique statement refinished furniture, combining great communication and seamless customer service into your flawless experience.

My values underpin the way I lead, work and create every day...

Strong Relationships

Integral to my brand is forging strong relationships to provide an end to end experience that is flawless.

When making such a considered investment into your home interior you want the confidence that you are working with someone you can trust, can communicate clearly with and that understands your vision. I am passionate about forging strong relationships so that you have true peace of mind that your interior project is in safe hands…

Clear Communication

I will keep you updated every step of the way in the process so that you can manage any other elements that are integral to the overall project.

Open Process

I love to document the journey of each item to see each piece of furniture blossom into its new life and share this with you so that you can connect with the whole process.

Exceptional Service

I want to offer you a seamless experience, from browsing my collections, initial enquiry, design and refinishing through to delivery, making you feel truly valued every step of the way.

Every commission I undertake is personally managed by myself; with 20 years of experience in managing large scale projects I know how important it is that attention is paid to every detail in the process. Your satisfaction and delight at being able to enjoy your finished piece in your home is what fuels my creativity and drives my passion.

Friendly Approach

Transforming your home should be fun! I pride myself on having an open and friendly approach, without any stuffiness or formality.

Beyond The Furniture

I love to go above and beyond, from supporting you with complimentary decoration advice to sourcing stunning accessories.

Conscious Sustainability

Our planet is precious, as is our history, and fundamental to my brand is my work to preserve both.

Making sustainable choices I believe is not a choice, it is a responsibility. From using sustainable materials and production methods to actively looking to reduce waste and emissions at any opportunity, I am fully committed to reducing the burden that we are placing on the planet.  When sourcing, I look for vintage furniture manufacturers that have created products that are built to last, can be repaired and repurposed and given a new lease of life for you to enjoy forever. 

Tree Planting

I am committed to planting a tree with every commission I make, as part of the National Trust tree pledge to plant 20 million trees by 2030. This helps me to counter the emissions created by my business.

Conscious Materials

Making environmentally friendly swaps when it comes to materials used in your furniture transformation is a conscious choice I make - without compromising on quality.

Celebrating planting over 50 trees!

The National Trust mission to plant 20 million trees by 2030 is an incredible commitment that will create a lasting impact for future generations. Having been a member for over 25 years I am proud to support this initiative with every order that you commission me for

Quality Throughout

In a world filled with throwaway and disposable "stuff" where quality is compromised for convenience, I am committed to bringing you the highest quality transformations...

I aim to work with good quality furniture pieces. Real wood or modern furniture with high quality veneer from renowned furniture makers that would have been considered exceptional in their day. This ensures the potential for the furniture to increase in value once restored or restyled. There are no flat packs here! I also ensure that the materials that go into the refinishing of an item of furniture are of the highest quality. My designs go hand in hand with the craftsmanship of the original piece and are made to last.

Preserving History

I always endeavour to honour the history of every furniture commission, making my design a collaboration with the traditional skills and craftsmanship of furniture makers from the past.

Respecting Design

My decision whether to restore or refinish an item of furniture depends on the design era, the condition of the furniture, the vision that my customer and I have and the value my work will add.

Fun Creativity

Unlocking your home vision with creative innovation and inspired fun to make the process as enjoyable as possible!

I believe your interior should weave the rich tapestry for your overall home vision. I work hard to unlock that vision with empathetic innovation through inspired creativity whilst adding fun to the process to help bring your home to life through design and style. 

Creative Planning

Let's create your ultimate mood board together which incorporates all of your ideas for your project. It is so fun to explore the art of the possible!

Let's Get Social

I share the journey of all my commissions on social media - I love it when my clients get involved and share their room transformations.

Passionate Integrity

At the core of my brand is integrity; with honesty, openness and transparency the bedrock of that foundation.

Authenticity is so important to me and my brand. I work hard to create an environment where you feel valued and heard as a customer. Every single one of my designs is hand crafted with love, passion and integrity painted into every nook.

Valued Partnerships

I love to work with other ethically led brands to collaborate on projects - I believe in community over competition.

Work Ethic

I work tirelessly to bring your designs to life and embrace the creative process - I'll keep you informed the whole way!


My Happy Clients!

"We are just in love with our new piece of furniture. The condition is amazing. Liz was super helpful and delivered ahead of schedule."
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