How to Fall in Love with Your Home Interior Using Your Existing Furniture

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Interior Using Your Existing Furniture

February is the month of love – and that should definitely extend to loving your home interior! If we haven’t met before, I’m Liz Clarkson, furniture transformation artist that specialises in taking forgotten or neglected treasures and giving them a new lease of life with contemporary takes on retro designs. In this article, I’m excited to share with you a guide that is packed with fabulous tips and ideas to help you fall in love with your home interior without spending a fortune on new furniture. Your existing pieces are like hidden gems waiting to shine, with so much potential to create a stylish home interior…

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Interior Using Your Existing Furniture

1. Embrace the Power of Paint

One of the easiest and most transformative ways to breathe new life into your furniture is by changing the appearance through innovative paint techniques. Whether you have an old shelving unit or a dresser, a new paint colour and finish can really elevate your home and create a cohesive interior concept. You can choose a shade that complements your existing decor and enjoy the instant transformation, or if you are planning on updating your walls and flooring, you can use this as an opportunity to update the room with a fresh new look. Check out the case study with my wonderful client Jacquie and her living room…

Jacquie’s Living Room

As an amateur interior design enthusiast, Jacquie really enjoys the process of gathering together paints, wallpapers, fabrics and textures that she loves and putting together a mood board. For her living room makeover, she took a practical approach with regard to purchases. The furniture she already owned was perfect for the space but was in a shabby chic style that she felt no longer represented her taste. Once dubbed the ‘Queen of Cream’ by her husband, she was keen to move away from the cream tones and introduce some soft colour into the scheme. Her existing carpet and sofas had become worn, and her window dressings felt a little passe so she decided that the majority of her budget should be allocated to them. Not really feeling the need to invest in new furniture of a similar style and size, she embraced the possibility of have the existing furniture transformed to better suit her style and the new colour scheme.

We started off putting together a mood board of the colours Jacquie liked and she started to gather fabric, wallpaper and paint samples to form a scheme that really resonated with her. We settled on a couple of main colours, and I painted her samples that she could place round the room to see how they looked. I then put together a concept board so that she could visualise how the furniture would look in those colours and we tweaked it as we went along. I arranged collection of the furniture using a trusted courier and it was brought back to my workshop for refinishing. The furniture took about a week or so to transform, just enough time for the decorator to come in and the new carpet to be laid. The timing worked perfectly as she had the furniture out of the way while the room was undergoing its transformation.

The display cabinet was painted in a soft shade of Fusion Cobblestone with a wash on the top to tone down the yellowing oak. The same colours were applied to the TV unit, whilst the chest of drawers was refinished in Bellwood, a soft green. New handles were added for extra interest. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, wallpaper on the chimney breast, new carpet and blinds and new sofas in a soft green completed the look.

It was a fabulous project to work on as Jacquie was comfortable with her own style and taste, but just needed help bringing in the furniture to make a stylish new and cohesive scheme.

2. Reupholster and Reimagine

Don’t be too quick to say goodbye to that comfy old armchair or sofa. Consider reupholstering it in a modern fabric that suits your style. With a little creativity and fabric selection, you can turn a dated piece into a statement piece that anchors your entire room. Play with textures, like velvet or linen, to add depth and sophistication to your furniture. My wonderful colleague Andi from Andi Gregg Art does some beautiful upholstering projects that can really elevate your home interior without needing to purchase new furniture pieces.

3. Mix and Match Styles

Sometimes, the key to a charming interior lies in the eclectic mix of furniture styles. Embrace the uniqueness of your existing pieces by combining different styles, eras and colours. A mid-century coffee table paired with a classic Victorian chair can create a visually captivating fusion for example. The blend of old and new is a hallmark of British interior design. Some recent projects to elevate existing furniture and mix and match styles, include the bedroom makeover for Jennifer Suzanne Interiors and Mandie’s wonderful office transformation

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Interior Using Your Existing Furniture

4. Accessorise Thoughtfully

A fabulous way of updating your home interior so you can fall in love with it again is to add some accessories. You can really enhance the appeal of your furniture with thoughtfully chosen accoutrements! Add decorative cushions, throw blankets, or stylish hardware to draw attention to the details. These small changes can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your space. Hardware is something that I love to consider with every project I work on. I have been known to spend hours perusing antique fairs, flea markets and reclamation yards to find handles, knobs and feet that can transform your existing furniture!

5. Furniture Rearrangement

A simple yet effective trick is to rearrange your furniture layout. You can experiment with different configurations until you find the perfect arrangement that maximises both comfort and the aesthetic you want to achieve. It’s amazing how a fresh perspective can revitalise your space.

6. Repurposing

Think outside the box and consider repurposing your furniture. An old ladder can become a stylish bookshelf, while a wooden door can transform into a rustic tabletop. Upcycling not only breathes new life into your pieces but also adds character to your home. Sustainability is a key value for me here at Liz Clarkson interiors, and by giving a new life to something that would otherwise go to landfill you can show the planet some love as well as your home interior!

Another consideration that you may be looking to incorporate into your home interior is creating a multi-purpose space. With home working now increasingly part of our normal daily lives, having a home office is a necessity – but space doesn’t always allow it. You can create an instant home office with the addition of a key piece of furniture like this gorgeous Nathan Bureau – styled two ways here:

7. Seek Professional Support!

If you’re uncertain about how to tackle a particular project or need guidance on preserving your furniture, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. With my interior design qualification and experience in manging complex projects, I can happily adapt to your level of experience and work with you depending on the level of involvement you want to have in the interior design process. Above all I aim for us to enjoy our time working together and have some fun!

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Interior Using Your Existing Furniture

Hopefully with these tips and ideas you now have lots of inspiration to draw upon when it comes to falling in love with your existing furniture and creating a stunning home interior. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend; it’s about the creativity and passion you bring to your space. Embrace the beauty of your current furniture, infuse it with your personality, and watch your home transform into a place you truly adore. If you would like to breathe new life into your existing furniture then why not take a look at my Room Transformation Service or drop me a message and we can connect to help you on your interior transformation journey…

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